Introduction to “Remembering Armageddon”

I wish to thank Mr. R. Bedford Watkins, member of Battery B of the 515th, for giving me permission to include “Remembering Armageddon” on the website. This collection of poetry was a result of memories and impressions of his participation in the unit during the war along with reflections of war itself – war that has plagued humanity, not only in the 20th Century, but through the ages. When asked what prompted him to write the poems, he told me that his sons had asked him several years ago to relate his experiences from the war. Rather than providing a narrative, he chose this medium instead. It is a personal as well as quite unique way for a veteran to relate publicly some of the deepest impressions made by the horrors of armed conflict. I am sure that the lines he has included in the various pieces will resonate with many veterans, including those of the 515th FA Bn., who had to endure such life-changing experiences.