Photos of the 515th Field Artillery Battalion

As noted under the general introduction to the website, the following photos are posted with permission by various veterans and family members of the battalion. I have more photos to post in the near future – so if you have already sent some, please be patient, they will be up soon. Presently, I have arranged the photos chronologically. If, at some point, I have enough photos from veterans of the separate batteries, I may be able to arrange them accordingly. In the mean time, I believe a chronological arrangement is the best approach.

I welcome any photos of the 515th Field Artillery Battalion – from training days at Fort Lewis through its final days at Tidsworth, England. Photos can be sent to me in a number of ways. If you want to send the originals, I will then scan them, upload them onto the website and then send them back to you. (If you think this might be a little risky, you can make copies of the photos and send those to me. The copies will need to be of high quality resolution. Photocopies will not scan well enough to produce a high resolution on the website. If you are unsure, please contact me through the website email address – The other approach would be to scan the photos and send them to me as attachments via email. Please send those through the address above as well. If one chooses to do it this way, I recommend contacting me first so that the WebMaster can communicate with you regarding any technical issues.

Finally, if you do send photos, please identify people, places, things, dates, location, etc. as well as you can in relation to each individual photo. My desire is to label each photo along with its contributor.

Vets Page: If you have individual photos of 515th veterans – formal or casual, I would rather include them under the Vets Page link of the website. Please refer to the Vets Page link to see what I am looking for there. I may want to include some of the photos from the Vets Page under the general photos depending on their content.

Wanted:I am looking for a formal photo of the Staff of Officers for this page. If you have a copy, please let me know at the following web address –

Hopefully, as 515th veterans and family members are able to send in photos, we can put together a good collection of the battalion through there days together as a unit.

Any questions, please contact me at: